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Taykt lets you create a text-in word, so that anyone who texts your word to 82958 will get your message straight back to them.

Great for putting on posters, or anyplace that someone might want to act on your word there and then.

Get started at http://taykt.com/

Taykt is a UK-only service at the moment.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Taykt for Radio

There are a number of radio stations using Taykt as an easy way to interact with listeners. The idea is you register your station name with Taykt (for free) and then ask your listeners to text the station name followed by their message to 82958.

What happens then? Well, the most popular approach we've seen is to turn on email forwarding in Taykt, and have the listeners' message arrive in your inbox.

To turn on mail forwarding, login, edit your word and select mail forwarding from the options on the left:

To pay for the service the listener is charged 25p when they text in. But that's just the basic plan: you can try the agency plan, and the texts don't incur the 25p charge. Try it out, see how it works for you, and let us know.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Using Taykt to enhance window vacancies for recruitment agencies

Window vacancies are a great way to start conversations with potential candidates passing by. But what about those who aren't able to engage? It may be after hours or an inconvenient time. Taykt allows you to provide your potential candidates with the information they need so they can start the conversation at a more convenient time. Better to defer the conversation than lose it.

Here are three ideas for how Taykt can achieve this:

1. Return a standard message containing relevant contact details. A phone number, email, address and business hours. Do this by having a banner either on each vacancy or somewhere prominent on the display. For example "Text jobs to 82958 for our contact details". For the image above the response message might be

Ph:01273 324255,
Address:7 Queens Rd,
Sussex BN1 3XF‎

(We hope it's clear we're not associated with Tate : we're just using their windows as an example)

2. Provide specific information about vacancies. As with the previous example we ask potential candidates to text to receive take away information. In this example however we hand craft a specific vacancy response and use a custom text-in word per vacancy. For example "Text 'techSup' to 82957". An example response could be:

Technical Support Engineer,
£25000-£30000 per annum,
Burgess Hill.
Ph:01273 324255,

or perhaps include a link to the on-line description:

3. The previous method has the downside of being high maintenance as you need to manually add every vacancy. An easier approach would be, where possible, to use a Webhook to do the heavy lifting for you. As with the previous example we ask potential candidates to text to receive take away information but we add one extra bit of information: a job reference. Using a Webhook we pass their message, including the job reference to your servers. You can then dynamically generate a response. For example the candidate would text 'job 69803' to Taykt and using a Webhook we could retrieve the details for job '69893' and send it back.

Or, if the vacancy has been filled perhaps a different response.
Sorry that vacancy has been filled.
We have similar roles available why
not call us to discuss on 01273 324255
or visit the website www.tate.co.uk.

Any of these solutions lets potential candidates take your information away with them in an easy, no-hassle manner: No looking for pens and paper, no taking blurry photos with phones camera or trying to enter the contact details into their phone manually. Just text and go.

This plants the seed without taking valuable time and effort on the potential candidates behalf. They can then contact you later when it is convenient. You get the piece of mind that they have the correct details with them and they are legible.

You can sign up for free to try this at Taykt.com. If you want to integrate text into your vacancies database, point your developers at our API.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Better SMS Campaign tracking with Google Analytics

If you'd like to know more about how your text-in words are performing, Google Analytics provides a wonderful tool to let you do this.

Taykt can inform Google Analytics each time you receive a text, meaning you see all your SMSs received in the Google reporting tool:

You can enable tracking by supplying your Google tracking code when editing a word:

The tracking code tells Google Analytics which profile to record SMS events against.

You can create a new profile in Google Analytics just for Taykt SMS events, or you can use an existing profile and have Taykt SMS events appear in that report. Which route to take depends on how you're using Taykt. If Taykt is being used for a campaign, a single profile probably makes sense so you can see how different mediums compares (SMS vs web). If however Taykt is being used to enhance customer experience you may wish to use a different profile to keep Taykt traffic separate from existing traffic sources such as web. You choose when you decide which Google Analytics tracking code to use.

If you'd like to stop tracking on a particular text-in word simply remove the tracking code from the text box.

Google Analytic tracking is only available for the Agency plan. You can try the agency plan free for two months.