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Taykt lets you create a text-in word, so that anyone who texts your word to 82958 will get your message straight back to them.

Great for putting on posters, or anyplace that someone might want to act on your word there and then.

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Taykt is a UK-only service at the moment.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Did you know you can use Taykt to run a poll by SMS?

Well, you can. It is quick to set up and incredibly flexible. Below are the steps involved in running a mobile poll on Taykt. For our poll, we'll consider whether people prefer Ant or Dec (a silly example as of course everyone prefers Ant. No, wait, is it Dec?).
  1. Create an account, if you don't already have one, providing your first option as your text-in word and the reply people will receive when voting for this option. We'll start with Ant.

  2. Now, create your other poll option, Dec.

  3. Advertise your poll

  4. To check how your poll is going, simply log in and your dashboard will show how many votes the different options have received.

  5. When the poll is complete you can update the reply message so people know the poll is closed.

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